Thursday, July 15, 2010

REVIEW: Beach Blondes (Katherine Applegate)

Title: Beach Blondes
Author: Katherine Applegate
Series?: Yes
Three months. Three guys. One amazing summer.

Summer Smith is in for the best summer of her life. Between the cold weather and her boyfriendless existence in Minnesota, Summer is ready for sun, sand, and boys in the Florida Keys. And by the end of the first day, she has more than enough to keep her busy:

Adam, the senator''s son, has looks, power, and all the money in the world.

Diver, the mystery man, is mellow, intriguing, and definitely unique.

And Seth, the perfect guy...only he has a girlfriend.

But with new friends, cute guys, and miles of hot white sand, Summer''s in for more trouble than she thinks....

Review: Beach Blondes was certainly a fantastic book. Katherine Apple gate did a great job in writing this teen read.

I could really relate to all of the main characters in this novel, which is quite surprising because they're all so different.

Summer Smith is the typical girl next door kind of girl. Summer sets off to live with her Aunt Mallory and cousin Diana in the Florida Keys for the summer. On her plane ride down, Summer sits next to a crazy tarot card lady. The old lady reads her future through the tarot cards, revealing that this summer she will meet three boys. One boy will seem to be dangerous, one will seem to be a mystery and one will seem to be the right guy.

I can relate to Summer in a big way. Summer is just a normal, every day girl. She has no baggage, no strings attached, nothing. I can relate to her when she begins to get caught between two guys. I have definitely been caught between two guys. Like Adam, I had the bad boy, the one who I knew wouldn't be good for me, and would lead me to heartbreak. But, I also had a Seth, the sweet one, the boy who would give his life for me, the one who loved me to the fullest.

Another character that I related with well was Diana Olan, Summer's cousin. In Beach Blondes, Diana is perpetually depressed. She hates contact with actual humans, she can't stand talking, and, despite her better judgment, she always finds herself looking through her mother's medicine cabinet and pulling out her sleeping pills. She uses her mom's pills to reassure herself that if at any time the depression could get to be too much, she always had her mother's pills as an easy way out.

Now, I'm not suicidal, or anything, and I'm not looking for an easy way out, but I've certainly been in that depressed state. I didn't want to have human contact, or talk to anyone at all. If eating was optional, I chose not to, and I certainly never thought I would ever get out of my depression. Of course, like Diana, I eventually got happy again, and increasingly became more social, but I'll never forget that time, or why I was that depressed.

Finally, Maria Marquez, who would rather be called Marquez, becomes Summer's friend in the keys. Marquez is very... outgoing. You can always count on her to speak her mind and she loves being the center of attention. Also, Marquez hates being involved in other peoples' problems, and definitely hates emotions.

I, like Marquez, hate my first name and for the same reason. In Beach Blondes, Marquez admits that she hates her first name because there's too many cuban-american girls whose names are Maria. Me, my reason for using my middle name is that there are too many girls--period--named Hannah, in fact, in my classes in school there was always at least one other Hannah and an Anna.

Also, like Marquez, I hate emotions. I can't express my emotions to people very well, normally I have to write them for people to understand. In the novel, Marquez gets through to other people by painting to show her emotions.

Katherine Applegate is a fantastic author. I love the way that she wrapped romance in with a very dramatic book. I thought this book was a fantastic summer read for all teenage girls and can't wait to read any of her other many books.


Writing: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Plot: 5/5
Ending: 5/5
Originality: 2/5

Overall: 20/25 = 80% = B

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